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Core Engagement Strategies


Curated Workshops

Empower young minds with interactive workshops blending self-affirmations and career exploration. Tailored for different age groups, our sessions inspire positive civic engagement, shaping confident and socially conscious individuals. Every child walks away from this experience with a copy of "The World Was Made For You."


Project Based Learning

Empower students through project-based learning initiatives designed and led by them. Our hands-on projects expose students to diverse career pathways while making a positive impact on the community. These experiences create spaces to reaffirm an asset mindset and cultivate positive self-worth, laying the foundation for future success.


Community Partnerships

Join our community partnerships to foster confident and socially conscious individuals, shaping a brighter future through collaborative efforts and shared commitment. Together we can work to create an environment where every individual is empowered to make a positive impact on society, contributing to a more vibrant and inclusive future for all. 

Let's Make A Change

Here Are Some We Can Collaborate to Contribute to the Movement


Scheduled  Workshops

500 Terry Francine Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

Community Collaboration

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Become A Sponsor

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